Club Championships

The Club Championships represent an opportunity for members to test themselves against other members within their age group and across all age groups in three categories - triathlon, duathlon and open water swimming.


How It Works

By competing in nominated events you qualify for the Club Championships and could win a share in over $2000 in prizes from our sponsors! However, you must be a financial member at the time of the event for Club Championship points to be awarded.


Your total points for the season are calculated from your best five triathlons, two/three long course triathlons, three duathlons, or three open water swim races respectively, and any bonus points earned.


Specific qualifying conditions exist for each Club Championship and are explained further below.


Generally, points are scored at each race by dividing the winner’s time in your age group by your time. For example, if you finished a sprint triathlon in 58:26 and the winner did 56:10, your points score will be 961 (being 3370 for the winner’s time in seconds and 3506 for your time in seconds x 1000). Also, points scored from smaller series/races may be multiplied by .75 to recognise weaker fields


Club Support

We support the Club Championships by making the club marquee, free massages, food, drinks and other services available at the nominated Club Championship races. At the end of the season, we host a Club Championships event. It’s always a fun occasion and a great chance to let your hair down.


Bonus Points

We encourage you to actively support the club. One easy way to do this is to wear the YarraTri trisuit at Club Championship events, as in doing so you help advertise the club by being a visible ambassador.


To reward your support, during the 207/2018 Triathlon and 2018 Duathlon seasons, any member racing a Club Championship event in a current YarraTri trisuit will be rewarded a bonus 50 points for the event. How easy is that!


Club Championship - Triathlon races 2017/18

This years YarraTri Triathlon Club Championships will be decided from your best 4 short course races, two of which need to be from the races below
You will again receive 50 bonus points for racing in the Yarra Tri Club uniform
There will also be another 50 bonus points for racing in a National series race to recognise the stronger fields
21 October 2017Yarrawonga Multisport festival
26 November 2017Victorian Triathlon Series Elwood
3 December 2017Sufferfest Series Safety Beach
14 January 2018Victorian Triathlon Series St.Kilda
4 Fabruary 2018Victorian Triathlon Series Elwood
3 March 2018 Sufferfest Series Mt Martha
8 April 2018Victorian Triathlon Series St Kilda 
22 April 2018 Challenge Melbourne



YarraTri Long Course Triathlon Club Championships

To give more focus to out long course athletes there will now be a separate YarraTri Long Course Championship. You can pick you best results from any Ironman, Challenge or ITU long Course event from 18th April 2017 - 22nd April 2018. A competitors total points will be scored from one ironman (double points) or  two 1/2 Ironman events.

The Long Course Championship runs from April 18th 2017 - April 17th 2018. Your results are calculated from you best IM race (double points) or your best two 1/2 Ironman races. Races must be Ironman, Challenge or ITU branded events. Email us your results at by April 23rd, 2018


Club Championships – Open Water Swim 2018/2019

The 2018/19 YarraTri Open Water Swim Championships will be contested over three races on the Victorian Swim Calendar
The club will be settling up at the following three events
30/12 - Point Lonsdale
17/2 - Brighton Bathing Boxes
2/3 Cerberus Swim
Your point score will be determined by your age group result in at least two of these races and one other from the Victorian Swim Calendar
There will be prizes for the first three females and males


Club Championships – Duathlon 2018

The YarraTri Duathlon Club Championships are held each winter with your results being determined by your best three races from;
The National Duathlon series
The Victorian Duathlon Series
The Dirty Duathlon
A minimum of two races must be completed to be eligible for prizes
There are 50 bonus points for racing in club kit and 50 bonus points for competing in a national series races