The Club's Social Commitee endeavour to give members as many opportunities as possible to get to know your fellow training buddies out of the water and out of lycra.


Throughout the year we have information social gatherings such as post training dinners and breakfasts, and four more formal events including the annual Christmas party and the end of season Club Championships event to celebrate your racing achievements, as well as a mid-winter and pre-season event to keep you socially engaged in the off season.


Triathlon training is a commitment often spent away from family and friends, so loved ones are more than welcome to attend our social events.

Yarra Tri End Of Season Dinner

Saturday 26th May, 6.30pm

The Public House Richmond

The Yarra Tri Club Championships dinner will be held on the evening of Saturday 26th May!! This is a terrific night to celebrate the achievements of each Yarra Tri member over the cousre of the year (on and off the podium). It's also a great way to meet other Club members outside of training.

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